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This website is intended to show you some real-life applications of your math and science skills. The Dam Types and Cracks Theory sections shows lots of these skills. Go back and check them out if you missed them.

We also wanted to show you how the technical stuff has some impact on people and history. The sections on the Societal Nature of dams, the Opposition to dams, the history of each dam type, and the History of fracture mechanics, and Scenarios have lots of good info on history and impact.

Did you see the stories of dams which actually cracked? These were in the Case Histories section.

Did you try the simulation? This is the best part! Go back to the Simulation section again, or for the first time, and try the Java applet that lets you do a fracture analysis of a dam.

The cee icon should have pointed out some stuff that civil engineers do.

Finally, did you catch all the Quicktime movies? Here they are:

  • Superman
  • Asteroid
  • Dambusters
  • Teton Dam failure
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